Our Proven SEO Strategies Will Get You To The Top Of Google

Every month hundreds, if not thousands, of quality prospects and potential clients, go online and search for services that you offer like fertility clinics, IVF treatment, surrogates and more. You can look at the screenshot below and see that each month there are approximately 18,100 searches for the phrase ‘fertility clinic’and even more searches for its variations. Even if 1% of those searchers visited your page that’s 181 new potential clients per month!

We make sure these people searching for services you offer can find your business, and perceive your business as the best one to visit.

We achieve this with an SEO strategy, to get your business on the first page of Google.

After your website is optimized using our medical SEO services your clinic or practice will be in the top rankings of Google when someone searches for a term like ‘fertility clinic’ in your area, or whichever phrases better suits your services. This will bring more people to your website. Those top 3 or 4 spots in Google are where 80% of people visit.

This is a tested and proven service specifically for fertility clinics and IVF treatment practices. We know what works, and what doesn’t work in this industry. We focus on medical SEO services and rarely take on clients outside this industry.

Here’s why SEO matters

The following percentages show the CTR (Click Through Rate) of people searching in google. For example, if your website is ranked in the 1st position for a term like ‘IVF Treatment’ you could expect, on average, to receive 31% of all those people searching to come visit your website. Look at how few people will visit your site if you are on page 2 or 3!

You can learn more about CTR here.

1st Position 31%
2nd Position 14%
3rd Position 10%
4th Position 7%
5th Position 5%
6-10th Position 4%
Page 2 & 3 Combined 5%

We Provide You With A Keyword Analysis

Do you know the most searched for words in your industry? We can help. Look below to see how many people search for ‘fertility clinic’ per month in Google.

searches for fertility clinic

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How Easily Can Potential Clients Find You?

Do you know how well your site is ranking for good keywords that bring in the most clients who are eager to buy the type of service you are offering?

We can help provide you with detailed reports of how well your site is ranking for these important keywords.

If potential patients searching, for example ‘fertility clinic New York’ and they can’t see you in the top part of the search engine results either in the Google Map Pack or Organic results then they will be going to your competitors websites and getting treatment from them instead.

serp fertility clinic

If you’re site is NOT in these top results then people are highly unlikely to find your website and visit you. If your clinic produces great results for your patients then you owe it to potential patients to be on top of this list and make it as easy as possible for them to find you.

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