Social Media marketing is fundamental for any service based business.

Create engaging content to build a relationship with your patients

Social media marketing is now a critical aspect of any service based business in 2017, including health clinics.

It benefits your business three fold:

  • it allows you to provide short educational updates relevant to your business that you can share with others which improves your reputation and a client’s trust in you
  • there are almost 2 billion Facebook users alone which means there’s a lot of potential for people to visit your site or pages
  • social signals are now a really integral part of SEO and help boost your rankings in the search engine

This means you will get higher rankings, more visitors and due to a higher perceived reputation more of those visitors will convert into cpatients! It’s definitely something you NEED to be using as part of your online marketing strategy!

social media marketing for clinics

Have us create an effective social media marketing campaign for you

  • Professionally designed profile and cover photos that help build upon your brand.
  • Optimized site content that helps your social media accounts rank by themselves in Google.
  • We provide engaging content for your patients or clientsthat will get them sharing and ‘liking’ your posts, tweets etc.
  • You also get access to your own personal dashboard so you can make any updates of your own.
  • You can save massive amounts of time!
  • Grow your business by growing your social following and web exposure.

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